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Our Policies

Account Policies

Here at Kozza & Company, we will always strive to have the best product, service and guarantee that you have a great, positive relationship.

For account opening, all the applicants must complete and sign the following forms listed below that are available at the end of this catalog. These forms can also be found on our website www.kozza.com for faster processing.

Terms do extend to those accounts based on their JBT rating and trade reference.

Credit Card, COD and COD-CASH accounts may apply to some applicants depending on references.

All Standard accounts must be up-to-date otherwise account may turn into COD or COD-CASH and even result in account suspension.

Any bounced or returned check will require a $50.00 service fee.

Automated statements will be sent at the end of every month to those accounts that have an unpaid, open balance.

Ordering Policies

Orders that are processed at different times of the same day will be shipped separately.

  • A valid account is needed to get a Quote as well as placing any type of order.
  • There is no minimum for ordering.
  • All special orders (custom design) are non-refundable.
  • All orders received by the customers do require inspection and quality control.
  • All pricings provided by phone or on our website are approximate. All prices will lock on the day of shipment.

Please be ready to provide the following when processing an order or a quote:

  1. Account # or Business Telephone #
  2. Company Name
  3. Item # and Quantity
  4. Metal Type
  5. Finger Size
  6. Shipping Method

Ordering Options / How to Order:

  • By Phone: 1-212-613-0000
  • By Fax: 1-212-466-6433
  • Online: www.kozza.com

Return Policies

We strive to serve you the best product possible. If you are not content with your merchandise and need to return it, please call Customer Service to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) Number.

  • Any defected item due to the manufacturing process must be notified immediately and is subject to an exchange or a full refund. Items must be returned to us within 7 days of receipt. Please call Customer Service for a return label and RA#.
  • Special orders cannot be returned.
  • All returns are subject to a 20% (twenty percent) restocking fee.
  • Any returned item must be in its original condition. (If any additional work has been done to the item, it cannot be returned).
  • RA # must be visible on the outside of the package.
  • Any items returned without a RA# will be refused.
  • Having a RA# does not guarantee a refund.
  • Please include the original copy of the invoice along with your returns. Merchandise returned without the invoice will be sent back at our discretion.

Please send your returns to following address with the RA# & Original Invoice:

Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Policies:

  • Same day cancellations are allowed before 4 (four)pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).
  • Special order cancellation will require a cancellation fee. Our customer service will inform you about the fee (during the request of the cancellation). The Cancellation fee will be determined based on complexity of the job.

Shipping Policies

  • Shipping & handling charges are not included in any pricing and/or quote given.
  • Shipping & handling charges are the customer’s responsibility.
  • Shipped items cannot be cancelled.
  • All items will be shipped to the address provided when the account was opened.
  • Final pricing will be calculated on the shipping day.
  • Any undelivered or refused package will require a refusal fee and additional shipping charges

We offer the following carriers for shipping our items:

UPS | kozza.com

FEDEX | kozza.com

Privacy Policies:

At Kozza & Company your privacy matters to us. We will not share personal information with companies other than services you've requested. Personal information includes information such as your full name, phone number or email address when you register for an account. To update your account’s information, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at 212-613-0000.


Kozza & Company LLC does not guarantee that product descriptions or other content are accurate or error free in our catalogue or our website. While Kozza & Company makes every effort to ensure that our products are priced accurately. In the event that an item is deemed to be priced incorrectly, Kozza & Company reserves the right to refuse the sale of that item.